Caller ID Spoofing


Recently we received reports that there are scammers using our office number 604-283-7984 to spoof their caller ID, and place fraudulent phone calls to people in the neighbourhood with ill intent.

We have reported the incidents to law enforcement but it's unlikely police could catch the culprit in today's digital era.

We, however, at Pragmatic Homes, can guarantee you that:

  1. We do not, and will never, make unsolicited calls. We NEVER call people to sell our service. People call us if they need our service. No exceptions. So if you got a call that appears to be from our number, and you have no idea who we are, it ain't us. It's some bastards pretending to be us.

  2. We don't use robots to make calls. If you pick up a call coming from our number, and its a robot voice (or recording) on the other end, it ain't us.

  3. Our business is limited to within the Metro Vancouver area only, in BC, Canada. If the caller (scammer) is asking for anything to do outside of Metro Vancouver, it ain't us.

We apologize if you reached us because a scammer had called you faking our number, and we totally understand if you had to block us because the culprit could keep spam you repeatedly with our number plastered over the Caller ID. By all means, please do, so you may go back to your normal everyday life. Nobody wants unsolicited calls, us included. As mentioned before, we never call people to make a sale. People call us if they need our service.

So, while you're here please feel free to browse around our website, get to know what we do, and maybe in the future if you need our service, give us a call. Remember to mentioned that once-upon-a-time you had been an unfortunate victim of the tele-scammer that led you to us, and we will give you a discount. =D


From all of us at Pragmatic Homes Inc.

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